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Hi there! I’m so pleased you’re here. I’m Kellie and I’m chief baby whisperer, master cuddler and the smiling face behind the camera. Welcome to my website! I specialise in Brisbane newborn photography, maternity photography, and family photography.

So, I have a confession. I love newborn babies! I love their newness, their smallness and even their newborn scent.

And for as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with newborn babies. Even as a young girl I was fascinated with their smallness. I’d spend hours completely enthralled with their delicate features.

As I got older, my obsession with newborn babies grew. The maternal tug on the heartstrings was so strong, and I yearned for the day I’d have babies of my own.

So, when my babies finally arrived, I was enraptured by them. I would spend hours just marvelling at their perfection. It was their tiny newborn baby features that fascinated me.

Their fingers.

Their toes

Those sweet pouty lips.

And their chubby cheeks.

All the squishy, snuggly goodness that changes so quickly!

I didn’t want to forget a single moment.

What I Do – Newborn Photography Brisbane

So, I decided photographing newborns was the perfect career choice for me. And over the past 8 years I’ve photographed 914 newborn babies throughout Brisbane in my studio in Westlake.

I’ve captured the beautiful connection within the family circle and those first tender moments with new parents. Because these moments are your permanent legacy and they’re worth preserving. I create stunning albums, canvases and prints for your wall. And these photographs aren’t just for you. They’re for your children and future grandchildren.

These are your stories.

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What I Do – Maternity Photography Brisbane
Because your journey to parenthood doesn’t start with the arrival of your baby, does it? It begins months before with your growing belly, your glowing skin, and the fluttering movements as your baby grows inside. Pregnancy is such a magical experience. So, it makes perfect sense to document your miraculous journey to motherhood with a maternity photography session.

All maternity photography sessions are held at a secluded grassy area in Westlake, south-west of Brisbane.

Maternity photography is ideal around 36 weeks when your belly is gloriously round. I offer a range of stunning maternity gowns for clients to create dramatic maternity portraits.

Maternity photography is a beautiful keepsake of your pregnancy and those last few weeks before your baby arrives.

You can view my maternity gallery here.

What I do – Family Photography Brisbane
Once you baby has morphed into a cheeky toddler, it’s the perfect time to update your family photos. I’ve photographed 203 families in Brisbane and each family session was fun, relaxed, and enjoyable. Even the Dads have fun!

All family sessions are held outside, in a secluded grassy area in Westlake, south-west of Brisbane. And don’t worry if your kids are high-energy or your husband dislikes having photos. Family sessions are a candid account of you and your family interacting together.

So, even if the kids are going crazy, we’ll have some fun together!

All sessions are relaxed, fun and are designed to capture your family’s unique character, sense of humour and personality.

Learn about a family photography session here. 

Why book me for your newborn photography?
Honestly? Because I love taking care of people. And I love newborn babies. But most importantly, I want my families to enjoy the whole newborn and family photography experience. Because I’ve been there, and I remember how tough it was.

My babies were majorly fussy, reflux babies, and I suffered from mild post-natal depression. So, I understand just how tough it is! Being a mum to newborn baby is messy. And it’s hard, it’s exhausting, and you question everything!

But if I can provide memories of the beautiful times and bring a smile to a new mum’s face?

Well then, my job is done.


Kel – Baby whisperer, fellow Mumma and Brisbane newborn photographer.