Welcome to 4074 Rocks! We are painters and hiders. We paint and hide rocks as a random act of kindness to bring a little unexpected smile to someone’s day and pass it on. The painters and finders posts pictures of their rocks. The pictures of the painters designs and the finders happiness inspire us to create and to share kindness.

This is a fun way to explore and spend time with family, as well as sharing joy and happiness and creating a sense of community and caring.

It’s up to you to decide what to do with the rock you find. If you’d like to let the world know of your discovery, why not post a picture of you with your find on the Facebook page, along with the hashtag #4074rocks

Please feel free to add members – they don’t have to live locally to 4074 – or if you would like to join our fantastic Facebook page, please do so  here.

4074 Rocks