The 4074 Family Fun Day is proud to be able to support some fantastic local charitable organisations within the community. We tend to choose organisations that don’t get a lot of recognition and/or support but they quietly work their magic and are an enormous asset to those in the community who rely on their skills and support.

Please take a moment below to learn about these wonderful organisations and support them if you can. If you would like to nominate an organisation for consideration in upcoming events, please send us an email.

Project: Love & CareProject: Love & Care

To provide Care Kits to children and young people from birth to seventeen years when they are first placed in foster care.

The kits provide the child with something they can hold onto and call their own, and include basic items for personal hygiene, clothing, something to do and something to love, all chosen to suit the age and gender of the child. It is sad to see little children standing before you often with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. They feel lost, lonely and afraid and are often traumatised and emotionally scarred.

January 2018: Unfortunately Project: Love & Care recently closed but we were honoured to have been a small contributor to this wonderful organisation that helped so many.

Enhanced Care Association Inc.

Enhanced Care

A not-for-profit organisation that provides centre based overnight respite and day support for people with multiple impairments and complex health needs. We provide person centred care within a family centred framework.

ECA operates Stanley Cottage which provides home like centre based respite for 12 children and young people. This enables the family time for a break and increases the children and young people’s support community enabling meaningfulness, purpose and a sense of belonging.

We also operate day support services promoting social inclusion and empowering individuals to pursue personal interests.

Miraa House

Miraa House

Situated in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, Miraa House is a learning life skills centre for women aged 17 and over with an intellectual disability. Miraa House works in small groups of women only, to learn essential life skills and to help our ladies to become more independent while building their self-confidence, establishing relationships and connecting with the community.

Our program is delivered through our dedicated and highly qualified team including a special education teacher, social worker and support workers. Our goal is to help our ladies to become more independent by building on their existing skills and introducing new experiences in a caring and supportive environment.

Mount Ommaney Special School

Mount Ommaney Special School

Our school provides an educational service for students with an intellectual disability and secondary impairments including vision, hearing, physical and Autistic Spectrum Disorders from birth through to their graduation from formal schooling. We are also a specialist facility that caters for students with high and complex medical support needs.

Our school hosts the Mount Ommaney Special School Early Childhood and Development Program which caters for children not yet at compulsory school age who meet the criteria for attendance.

Our award winning educational programs are student centred and we pride ourselves on having a safe, supportive and least restrictive school environment that has high expectations for all students.

Montrose Therapy & Respite Services

Montrose Therapy & Respite Services

Montrose has a long history of supporting Queenslanders with a disability. With more than 80 years’ experience behind us, Montrose has provided quality driven, comprehensive and customised care to generations of people. In that time we have helped thousands of young Queenslanders with disabilities, their families and their community support networks.

Looking to the future, we are expanding our services to provide multidisciplinary therapy,(occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, social work) fully accessible holiday accommodation and respite support, life style and community inclusion programs to people of all ages with physical impairments and developmental support needs.

World Access for the Blind - Australia

World Access for the Blind – Australia

Brings mobility specialists from the United States to train blind clients, their families and those professionals who support them in the art of FlashSonar. This is an active form of echolocation that allows the blind user to find out what’s around them quickly and discretely. The user simply clicks their tongue and is able, after training, to interpret the echoes to determine the nature of the objects that are in their environment. This allows the user to find the clear way through their environment.

The user is always trained in this technique as an adjunct to the use of their regular mobility aid such as a long cane or a guide dog. We do encourage users to use a longer cane than is traditionally issued by more mainstream blindness organisations but we never encourage the use of FlashSonar without a mobility aid.

Logan House Fire Support Network

LHFSN specialise in helping families who have been through a house fire. Their aim is to provide care packs for the families immediately. These care packs will contain basic necessities that we all take for granted. They will provide immediate emergency accommodation if needed, and then will, if needed, help in finding permanent accommodation as well as re-furnishing and getting the family back on their feet.

Their mMission is to give back to the SE Qld communities and help those who have suffered a terrible tragedy in the event of a house fire.

DanDaLion Logo

DanDaLion Friends

DanDaLion Friends is an organisation that is involved in the ‘diffability’ sector. They believe that everybody has unique gifts that can make a valuable contribution to community regardless of our different abilities. Through engagement in interactive events, they offer understanding and celebration around inclusiveness and diversity.

They seek to create generational mindset change in this space and redefine the value of those with ‘diffability’ in our community.

Empowered Futures

Empowered Futures Pty Ltd is the outward expression of the internal passions of parents and professionals Brett & Carolyn Swann.

Brett & Carolyn have combined their professional experience with their own personal journey of caring for their daughter Lucy to establish Queensland’s newest and one of its most exciting disability providers.

It is our passion to challenge the way disability services are currently delivered. For over twenty years we have watched the commercialisation and commodification of disability care. We have experienced firsthand the frustration of service limitations and provider’s support driven solely by funding. We believe there must be a better way. Empowered Futures is committed to finding a better way. We are committed to travelling with families to find creative solutions to everyday struggles. We are committed to empowering families to triumph over the ‘disability system’ which rather than provide the necessary supports more often appears to be a blockage or source of frustration.

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc.

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc are working to help dogs from rural areas find new homes. These dogs do not get the chance of being re-homed like in the larger cities.  We also help with private re-homing of dogs needing to find a forever home.

SEQ K9 Rescue Inc aims to help decrease the number of unwanted dogs in our pounds, by desexing which in turn, helps with breaking the breeding cycle. A lot of these dogs would otherwise be faced with many unwanted litters. We also ensure all of our dogs are vaccinated while in our care as the scare of parvo is real and deadly.