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Remember when you were a kid and you’d jump out of bed, full of energy ready to face the day and you’d go, go, go all day long until you’d fall asleep exhausted from the day’s events.  I remember those days, then I grew up, started working, had a family, added more commitments and life just got so busy and there was no time left for me anymore.

I’d wake up tired, stiff, and had more aches and pains than I’d like to admit, I kept on telling myself that it’s part of getting older, particularly when I couldn’t think straight.  Then I looked in the mirror and didn’t like myself anymore.  It was time to change.  What should I do, how do I get started, can I do it, these are some of the questions going through my head.  Does this sound familiar?

We created the Strong and Healthy in 28 Program to give women a time-efficient workout, a delicious healthy eating plan and the tools for positive life approach because we get it, we are you.

We understand that women don’t have a lot of time, want to see results, be healthier, happier and fitter, so they can live their best possible life as we age.

In 28 Days, you can start a life-changing journey with us, filled with experiences and self-discovery that will boost your metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings and rid your body of unwanted fat.

Our Strong and Healthy in 28 Programs consist of Strong in 28 Fitness Sessions, 28 Day Transformation Challenges, the Strong and Healthy Lifestyle Journey, Indoor Education and Outdoor Social Events.

Our programs are available online and in-house, the choice is yours.

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