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At Queensland Cheer Elite, we believe in the power of sport to improve the lives of children, teenagers and adults. Whilst developing strength and fitness are important to leading a happy and healthy life; team work, developing leadership skills and the ability to communicate and work with others is paramount. We strive for QCE to be a place to improve skills, make friends and be challenged, whilst learning life skills which will propel our athletes onwards and upwards in whatever direction they choose to take from here.

Our athletes love cheerleading as it allows them a place to attend after school where they feel they belong. They are proud to attend our club and often identify themselves as a member of QCE.  We are honoured that so many young people love the environment we have created and relish the chance to see them develop and thrive over the years – making life-long friends, learning about themselves and developing skills that will help them long after they have moved on from QCE.

Our club is recognised as one of the largest and most awarded cheerleading programs in Australia, and we have been won State and National championships each year since we began in 2011.

We have a proven track record in developing the skills of our athletes and delivering top quality routines, but what we are most proud of is the ability to help shape healthy, strong and confident young people in our community.

We train athletes from ages four through to adults. Absolutely no experience in cheerleading, dance or gymnastics is required to become a member of QCE. In fact, most people who join our program are completely new to cheer! We have a team for everyone, and all athletes will be placed into a team that suits their age and ability.

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  1. Amazing gym

    QCE is an amazing cheerleading gym the coaches are amazing and help push all their athletes as far as they can with amazing results.

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